AT&T Cooking Up New Plan to Save T-Mobile Deal – Willing to Divest up to 40% of T-Mobile Assets

After announcing that they were withdrawing their FCC application to acquire T-Mobile on Thanksgiving in the hopes many wouldn’t notice, AT&T is cooking up a last-ditch offer to placate the DOJ. According to Bloomberg, AT&T is working on a proposal that would have them divesting a significantly larger amount of T-Mobile assets. Granted, AT&T doesn’t actually care about getting rid of a larger chunk of T-Mobile assets, since a majority of T-Mobile assets simply duplicate AT&T’s existing footprint — particularly in urban markets. There’s really no solution that cures what ails this deal — namely that it’s designed primarily to eliminate one competitor (T-Mobile) while severely weakening another (Sprint). AT&T’s acquisition of some already built towers — and some spectrum for them to squat on — would simply be icing on the cake.
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