Company Running 'Six Strikes' Loses Company Status – May Face Penalties For Violating State Laws

Back in February, after more than a year of delays, the entertainment and most major ISPs launched their “six strikes” anti-piracy initiative. The program integrates warning letters with graduated response punishments that range from being temporarily blocked off from the Internet to having your connection throttled. Running this entire organization is a company crafted by the RIAA and MPAA named Center for Copyright Information.

Oddly, Torrent Freak points out that the company somehow managed to lose its company status by violating unspecified state law:

The Center for Copyright Information, a partnership between the RIAA, MPAA and several major Internet providers, has had its company status revoked. The CCI, who are leading the “six strikes anti-piracy scheme in the US, has violated state laws and is unable to conduct any official business anywhere in the United States. In addition the outfit faces civil penalties and risks losing its name to a third-party company.

The CCI is fortunate that thus far, nobody has scooped up and started using the company’s name, something that’s possible when your company status has been revoked. It also raises questions as to how valid anti-piracy warnings are if the company running them — technically isn’t a company.
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