Moving MPLS closer to the customer

When multiple networks and services - business, residential, wireless – over a single infrastructure, are consolidated, the size and complexity of the network increases dramatically. In a single service network, services and customers are identified by VLAN. When multiple customers are running the same VLAN, tagging and prioritizing the service at any point in the network becomes impossible.

It is at this point that we need the tools to give the ability to tag the service and the customer from the demarcation to the core.

Network consolidation: Technologies like MPLS, VPLS and HQoS when implemented closer to the customer can enable different types of service like packet backhaul, business services, TDM overEthernet, etc. to utilize the same transport protocol and ensure performance levels for multiple services.

HQoS – Hierarchical Quality of Service

HQoS allows a carrier to consolidate different services on the same physical box running on the same physical infrastructure.

HQoS is a valuable tool, especially for networks that must support multiple business customers who are running multiple applications with different prioritization and scheduling requirements over the same infrastructure.

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