Samsung Announces Galaxy S III ‘Developer Edition’ – As False Rumors Fly About Unlocked Verizon Bootloader

Though Verizon’s Twitter support account briefly tried to blame the locked boot loader on the S III on Samsung, Verizon has since come forward to insist they’re the only carrier to lock the device down out of concern for the “customer experience.” Hoping to make good with annoyed tinkerers, Samsung is now offering a “developer edition” of the device — though you’ll of course have to pay $600 for the unsubsidized phone. There was some chatter this week that Verizon would offer an update patch that would unlock the bootloader on the S3, thought that appears unsubstantiated and has officially been denied by Verizon. Meanwhile, the hackers Verizon apparently believed they could stop inch ever closer toward finding a way around the locked bootloader.
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