Sprint LTE Likely Unveiled At October Meeting – As The Worst Kept Secret in Telecom Is Finally Unveiled

We’ve effectively known since March that Sprint was moving to LTE, an insider giving us an exclusive scoop that the company’s $4-$5 billion base station retrofit was the cornerstone of an LTE shift that involved tight spectrum sharing and network partnerships with LightSquared and Clearwire. That’s since been confirmed by numerous leaks in an unlimited number of outlets, fairly obvious Clearwire comments and LightSquared’s finally unveiled Sprint partnership. Still, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse has been playing coy, pretending that his company’s migration to LTE isn’t the worst-kept secret in telecom.

The CEO recently winked and nodded at Engadget about “big news” dropping this fall, and now an invite being sent to the media suggests Sprint will announce their LTE plans on Friday, October 7 at a network vision “strategy update.”

Investors would certainly like Sprint to hurry up and unveil the migration plan, since some worry the cost of the transition will be significantly more than Sprint expects. With AT&T acquiring T-Mobile and Verizon’s LTE deployment rolling at breakneck pace, Sprint’s got their work cut out for them. None of the companies involved in this blooming LTE trifecta of Sprint, LightSquared and Clearwire are on particularly solid financial or competitive ground, though you can expect the cable industry to throw considerable money at making this effort work.


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