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Benton Ridge Telephone Selects DASAN to Expand FTTH Service


SUWANEE, GA — Benton Ridge Telephone, a rural independent telco in the midwest, chose DASAN Networks USA to provide GPON last-mile access equipment and Ethernet switches for its enhanced service offering. Korea-based DASAN is a global leader in fiber-to-the-premises solutions, with more than 6 million ONTs installed worldwide, but it is a relative newcomer to the U.S. market. Benton Ridge Telephone, which operates as an ILEC in northwestern Ohio and as a CLEC in Lima […]


FTTH Equipment Vendor DASAN Networks to Expand US Presence


SUWANEE, GA — DASAN Networks Inc., a Korean supplier of fiber-to-the-home network equipment with more than 6 million ONTs installed worldwide, announced a major expansion of its U.S.-based operations. DASAN opened its U.S. corporate offices in 2010. DASAN Networks USA, headquartered in Suwanee, Ga., opened a new office in Santa Clara, Calif., to handle enterprise and channel sales and is in the process of relocating its U.S. headquarters to a larger facility in Suwanee. DASAN […]


ATCA Summit highlights

At the end of a successful ATCA show in San Jose, CA with Best of Show award for Best Software Product for the T-HUB 4 The Best of Show Software on Telco Systems new 40G T-HUB 4 ATCA card with integrated load balancing, wirespeed 40G perfromance, IP v6, OAM, and MPLS support. Aviv Miller, Product Manager ATCA products for Telco Systems with the new 40G T-HUB4 Ethernet switching blade Kontron running their DPI demo at […]

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