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Telefonica picks Telco Systems for Argentina’s Tecnopolis theme park


Telefonica Argentina has selected Telco Systems‘ Ethernet demarcation and aggregation products to create the telecommunications network for the Tecnopolis theme park. Located in Villa Martelli, near the Buenos Aires capital, the 50 hectares technology theme park opened on 15 July. Telefonica was selected by the Argentinean government to implement a technological infrastructure to support the science, technology and art exhibitions at the park. The network supports multicast video and music, internet access and video surveillance […]


Next generation network management

Globalization creates competition among companies around the world and forces them to unite and centralise their service, market and development functions. Liberalization of telecommunication markets has introduced competition among network and cable operators and Internet service providers. Dominant operators must adapt to this new situation to compete effectively. Limitation of existing systems Separate provisioning, billing and administrative systems usually serve a telecom company’s fixed, mobile and broadband customers. Mobile networks’ prepaid and post-paid systems are […]


Moving MPLS closer to the customer


When multiple networks and services - business, residential, wireless – over a single infrastructure, are consolidated, the size and complexity of the network increases dramatically. In a single service network, services and customers are identified by VLAN. When multiple customers are running the same VLAN, tagging and prioritizing the service at any point in the network becomes impossible. It is at this point that we need the tools to give the ability to tag the service and the customer from the demarcation to the core. Network consolidation: […]


Zero-touch provisioning

Zero-touch provisioning is a set of tools that allows an operator to automate device provisioning and service activation without pre-configuring the device in the operator’s warehouse prior to deploying it in the field. Service providers today are facing great operational issues when deploying next-generation services over Ethernet networks. The increased demand for diverse services and SLAs causes services to become more complex to provision. Therefore, every field technician has to get training for a large […]

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