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Best Carrier Ethernet Demarcation Product

Telco Systems  is the winner of the Best Carrier Ethernet Demarcation Product EMEA, as announced at the inaugural IIR & MEF Carrier Ethernet Awards EMEA event held during the Carrier Ethernet World Congress in Amsterdam on October 12, 2011. “The competition for the award this year was very strong, and we thank the industry’s top experts’ for underscoring the T-Marc 300 Series for excellence in the Ethernet demarcation product category” said Itzik Weinstein, CEO of Telco Systems. […]


Iskratel Partners with Telco Systems to make MEF-Certified Carrier Ethernet Services solution complete


Paris, France, September 27, 2011 — Iskratel and Telco Systems today announced that they have entered into a partnership to deliver a complete solution for carriers seeking support for manageable, MEF-compliant Carrier Ethernet services. The cooperation will bring together Iskratel’s MEF certified next-generation multi-service access node, the SI3000 Lumia, and Telco Systems’ MEF-certified carrier Ethernet Demarcation devices and Metro aggregation as well as the Company’s EdgeGenie service-management system. The solution will offer commercial Ethernet services […]


The End of IPv4?

Irit Gillath

Talk about the world running out of IP addresses started many years ago and as a result IPv6 was developed by the IETF (RFC 2460, 1998). Similar to IPv4, IPv6 is a transport layer for packet switching interworking. It provides the header which includes the source and destination as well as the type field, and it allows packets to be delivered across multiple IP networks. IPv4 which is currently in use includes a 32 bits […]

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