Verizon Will Aim Red Box Service at Wireless Users – HD Content Versus Your Monthly Bandwidth Cap

As their cable deal, planned streaming deal with Redbox and this week’s arrival of their Home Fusion fixed home wireless service makes clear, Verizon has lofty nationwide branding ambitions that are just starting to take shape. Verizon’s planned Netflix competitor under the Red Box brand will, according to comments made to the Wall Street Journal, be aimed at wireless customers, who’ll of course face huge premiums as they quickly consume Verizon’s LTE usage caps. On the plus side, Verizon’s video service may finally deliver the kind of a la carte viewing options users have been looking for:

“Most content providers realize that the number of channels and the layout that you have within your home may not be appropriate for the mobile environment, and those discussions are just beginning now,” Mr. McAdam said. Some content providers, he said, “have come to us and have said, ‘We are willing to do an la carte approach here.’”…“On the wireless side, I think the bill will probably go up because people are going to be using it a lot more,” Mr. McAdam said.

Of course other companies with deeper pockets (Apple) have tried and failed to convince broadcasters that they should engage in an a la carte subscription offering. Meanwhile, any battle wherein HD video streams are pitched against low monthly usage caps will result in Verizon as a fairly massive financial winner.
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