Dell’s support website is the best place to go

If you own a Dell computer, and need information or repairs on your computer, Dell’s support website is the best place to go. Details are at the bottom.

You can also find manuals, drivers, and a knowledge base. Sometimes, you may even be able to download updated software. It is as easy as typing the serial number into the search box. The search box will show you the available updates.

Many Dell computers update their drivers and Dell software automatically in the same way that Microsoft updates Windows.

If things don’t work automatically, or you don’t know how to update your software or install new drivers, or you know the basics but something goes wrong or you don’t understand the manuals, you might need additional assistance.

You can count on any of the listed companies to assist you with Dell repair. Dell is a well-known and established company. All technical support sites should be able provide an expert and knowledgeable person to help you with these types of issues.

Take a look at this website and see if you are able to install drivers and update your software. If not, then take a look at the manuals and knowledge base. If you don’t have the knowledge or are unsure what to do, you can look up your local area on our website and get advice from one of our experts.

Create BootableWindowsXP Zip drive to support your Netbook

Although my Netbook runs Linux, I have a spec that will take XP. I am thinking about adding XP to it.

The netbook doesn’t have a CD/DVD drive, so I am trying to install my XP disk using my USB zip drive.

There are many instructions online. Most instructions use USB_prep8, which opens a Windows console window. This then opens a PeToUSB window to recognize the flash drive. It will then ask you to tell it where your windows files (on the desktop DVD), and it will transfer them onto the zip drive, creating a bootable zip file.

The problem is that although I can see all of my zip drives on Windows7, the PeToUSB program returns ‘No USB drive found’. I tried reformatting the zip file in different formats but the PeToUSB program doesn’t see it.

Do you have any suggestions?