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More difficult to detect a broken power supply

Generally, because we don’t see the same physical damage on power supply repairs that you do on power jacks, rarely because you unplug or play with the cord plugged into your computer. So this makes you think that the power supply itself is failing.

This can be caused by heat from multiple components.

Many ways a power supply can go bad from a short in your house to an electric storm.
Whatever the problem with your power jack or power supply available on Computer Repair Lutwyche has the tools and our technicians are experts on getting it correctly diagnosed and fixed. We will have your laptop or desktop running for you in no time.

Dc Jack & Power Supply Repair

Power jacks and power supplies are among those that fail the most. Between the strain of taking electricity from the outlet and distributing it evenly and consistently and the constant stress of pulling on the power cords, power jacks tend to have all manner of issues.

There are 2 common types of dc jacks. You have ones that need to be soldered on and cable jacks.

Cable jacks are the easiest to replace because you just unplug the old one from the motherboard and plug in the new one. As for the solder jacks you have to desolder and resolder the new jack on which takes more time and costs more.

Dc Power Jacks are very fragile inserting the cord wrong or putting too much force on the ac adapter while it’s plugged in can cause you to break the ac adapter and the dc jack its self. Most often, the problem is simply that your power jack has come loose from the aforementioned cord pulling.

There is only so much physical stress Dc Power Jacks can take before they become detached from the board. Another common problem is something inside the physical connector actually breaking off or getting stuck.

Most often it’s the thin pin in the very center of your power jack. Unfortunately, this problem cannot be fixed and requires a new power jack and for you to replace your old one.

Lots of people damage their Dc power Jacks and Ac Adapters simply not paying attention, having the ac adapter against the arm of the couch causing the jack to become under stress in a weird position, leaving the cord in the laptop when it’s in your backpack or carrying case or maybe simply dropping it.