Android Oreo could secretly burn through users’ mobile data

The early users of Android Oreo have reported unusual issues about the software. The report was that the new mobile operating system (OS) has had an issue that permits your smartphone to consume your mobile data even when what you are using it the Wi-Fi. It has constituted a whole lot of worries for people who are in a limited data plan.

Someone tagged Unusual Sauce, a Reddit user reported that, “after updating to Oreo last night, I received, a huge spike in data usage, all the while being connected to Wi-Fi. I contacted support and was told that they are aware of the issue and are working on a fix. In the meantime, I have turned off mobile data while at home, so only Wi-Fi is being used.” Apart from Unusual Sauce, some other users reported similar issues.


When the quoted complaints above happen, ‘The Mobile Data Always Active ‘option must have been activated by default all you have to do is to put that off.

How to Put off ‘The Mobile Data Always Active ‘Option.

To unlock the Developer Options, go to settings, scroll down to About Phone and click on it, and tap it seven times in quick successions.

If you are using Android Oreo, and you are experiencing a similar issue, swipe down from the top of the screen and access Quick Settings option and punch the option, Mobile Data.