Apple’s Magic Keyboard With Built In Mac: What Can You Expect From It?

Apple patents the Magic Keyboard on Mac

Tom’s Hardware’s latest report claims that Apple has filed a patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a keyboard with an integrated computer that can plug into any external display.

Cupertino’s latest computer concept, which seems to be in development at the moment, would allow Cupertino to create a portable computer that could replace current laptop and desktop options.

It would be portable and compact, similar to a laptop. It wouldn’t have a built in display or a folding mechanism, like MacBooks.

The MacBook Pro laptop was shown in Corte Madera’s Apple Store on June 27, 2019. Apple announced it would recall 432,000 15-inch MacBook Pro laptops due to concerns about overheating batteries which could catch fire. This recall affects 15-inch MacBook Pro laptops made between September 2015 and February 2017.

It works more like the Mac Mini, and can be connected with an external monitor. You will only need a trackpad, mouse and a TV or monitor to use the new keyboard.

9to5Mac reports the Apple New Concept is different than the Mac Mini, as it is a standalone device and does not require cables for operation.

Important to remember that the Magic Keyboard idea was submitted by the iPhone manufacturer to the US Patent Office on August 2020. The patent filing was not made public by the office until this week.

Apple’s Magic Keyboard With Built In Mac: What Can You Expect From It?

Patent drawings show that the new computer concept will have the same design and layout as the Magic Keyboard.

Tom’s Hardware explained that one cable can be used to power, external display and third-party storage.

Apple’s patent filing indicates that the Magic Keyboard with Mac features an active fan and can be thermally conductive to prevent heat.

This new computer concept is expected to be powerful as M1 MacBooks do not have active fans, but still work well.

Here are the reasons why it is worth grabbing right now

Soon, Magic Keyboard for Mac

The USPTO has confirmed Apple’s patent filing regarding the portable computer concept. This does not mean that it will be made available for purchase.

Not all patent filings are granted. Some concepts will never be realized.