Hack Brief: Patch Your Android Phone to Block an Evil “Toast”

The “sandbox” program is made available in the new smartphones so that there will be no application that will encroach on the sensitive activities of other applications. However security advisers have found out that there is an unexpected feature of android which has the capability to secretly permit applications to not only get out of its sandbox but to fully redraw the screen of the phone in the course of the other parts of the operating system running. Thus, the users are tricked into assuming they were tapping  the right buttons whereas, it is actually the wrong one they are punching  and this may cause enigmatic consequences on the users.

Consequently there is absolutely the need to do something ASAP to prevent the recurrence of such implicative occasions.android

A warning signal has been sent via blog by researchers at Palo Alto that users of Android or Smartphones should quickly rush to patch their Android phones so as to prevent what is nicknamed “toast overlay” attack. Apart from the newly released Oreo, all other android phones are susceptible to getting malware which can overlay images on the top of other apps, other features of the control of the phone and its settings installed on them. For instance, it can pop the button of “continue installation” over another button which can bring about a bad result like installation of a rogue app. It has however been mentioned that Google just recently released a patch to the problem on Tuesday.