How to Hire A React Native App Developer – a Complete and Simple Guide

Dedicated mobile applications offer some unparalleled advantages to businesses. A feature-rich mobile app does not just help the business to streamline their processes and operations, but it also helps them serve their customers in a better and efficient manner. 

Mobile apps are the most advanced digital tools for users who do everything on their smartphones. Statistics reveal that millennials are using mobile phones to buy products and services like the apple repairs mooloolaba, and your presence there is a must thing to reap all the benefits an app has to offer. 

React Native is one of the most advanced and preferred mobile app development frameworks worldwide. Whether you want to make a native or cross-platform, a web app, or a hybrid app, you will need a framework that makes it possible. 

React Native is the best framework for developing high-quality, feature-rich, and highly functional cross-platform mobile apps. All you need to do is to hire react native developer with sheer expertise and knowledge, and half the battle is won. 

What are the benefits of hiring a react native framework?

Well, there are many. Since its inception, react-native has become the most preferred mobile app development framework due to developers’ astonishing benefits. Let’s discuss some of them here:

Quick development 

One of the most annoying things for developers is to write codes repetitively for each platform. It is a time-consuming practice. However, with react native, you don’t need to do it to share codes across platforms. The code you have written for Android can be used for iOS as well. It will make the app development faster. 

Code reusability

As we discussed above, code reusability reduces the developer’s efforts, and you can develop a mobile app in just no time. The bulk of the source code can be reused for another app development. 

Agile development approach 

An ideal react native app development company uses an agile development approach to maximize resources while accelerating the app development process. 

Reloading feature 

One of the most promising benefits of using the react native framework is it reduces testing efforts. With the reloading feature, developers can tweak code as well as check them live on the app. 

Cross-platform technology 

React mobile development allows developers to share codes across platforms, especially for Android and iOS. It reduces the time and money for app development. 

User Interface 

React native is available with ready-to-use UI components. However, a react native developer can create a new user interface from scratch. 

Automatic updates 

React Native also allows the automatic updates of the apps. Developers can release new features quickly and effortlessly. 

What are the skills to check in a react native app developer?

Now that you know what react native is and its benefits and features, it is time to proceed with the main topic we want to cover through this blog. 

First of all, let’s check out some of the hard skills and soft skills you need to see when you hire a react native developer

JS Coding 

React Native mobile app development framework is a JavaScript framework. Hence, the candidate must be well-versed with JS coding, especially for JavaScript ES6 or later. 

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React Native Expertise

The react native developer must know the react-native framework, including its main components, APIs, and libraries. 

Execution of navigation

He must be able to execute navigation within the app for a superior user experience. 

Knowledge Of Redux

It is a state management tool that allows developers to manage states of the elements quickly and efficiently when shared across components. 

Compiling, debugging, and testing

Hire react native developer who has first-hand knowledge about testing, compiling, and debugging. 


Check whether the developer has developed any mobile app with the react-native framework or not. Experience plays a pivotal role when it comes to react mobile development

Skills to develop mobile-specific features 

The developer must have expertise in the hardware integration with the app, such as camera, microphone, GPS sensor, and gyroscopes to the react native app. 

Optimized performance 

The developer must know the approaches to optimize the app performance. 

Store data and cache data offline.

According to Computer Repairs Carindale that the developer must know different types of databases and react native libraries. In addition to that, they must know about data caching. 

Third-party integration 

To add more features in the app, such as a payment gateway, you need to collaborate with third-party features. The developer must know how to integrate third-party plugins in the app. 

Deploy apps

Also, the native app developer must know how to deploy an app on the play store. 

Develop native apps

If you have hired a senior person for the developer profile, the developer must be well-versed with different native languages such as Swift, Objective-C, and Kotlin. These languages can help to create highly functional and astonishing mobile applications. 

Integrate Libraries

The candidate must know how to integrate all the native libraries and frameworks into the app. 

Set up CI/CD

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery ensures superior code quality. A developer must set up CI/CD superiorly to give more features to users and make the development process more transparent. 

Apart from the skills mentioned above, hire react native developers with soft skills such as curiosity, problem-solving approach, accountability, and decision-making skills. 

Some other things to consider before hiring a react native app developer. 


One of the most crucial things is to check the portfolio of the candidate or a react native app development company you are hiring. A promising portfolio will reveal almost everything about the candidate or a company, including expertise, knowledge, proficiency, and experience. You can ask a company or a developer to show their portfolio. 

Client Feedback

If possible, communicate with the company’s previous clients or a candidate to know more about professionalism, communication, deliveries, and expertise-related things. You will come to know about the company by discussing with their previous clients. 

Tools and technologies 

Ensure that a company or a developer uses the latest, advanced, cutting-edge tools and technologies to develop superlative react native mobile apps. 

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The cost of developing a react native mobile app varies from company to company, from state to state, from country to country. However, try to find the best deal that you can get in the market. However, one thing you need to remember here is not compromising quality over cost. Ensure that you hire the best react native app development company to help you serve your business goals. 


When you hire react native developer or a company, you need to look at micro details before finalizing anything. Scrutinize each and everything before you make the final decision to ensure that you are not jeopardizing your project. Keep in mind the tips shared in this blog for better decision-making. 

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