Overview Asus 1215N EEE PC Notebook 

Laptops that are smaller and can perform simple tasks like accessing the internet and logging into email is definitely an exceptional advancement of Asus.

They weigh less, and remain running longer, and are priced lower than competitors at 14 inches.

However, they’re generally slow to operate making them ineffective for multitasking , especially when operating Home windows 7.

The battery life decreased when faster hardware was utilized during the 12-01. The Asus EEE PC 1215N may be the successor to the 1201 that blends general performance, quality and portability.


Contrary to other small netbook laptops like other netbook laptops like other tiny netbook laptops the Asus EEE PC 1215N notebook is equipped with the Apple D525 dual-core processor, which ensures it is capable of handling the most difficult tasks. Third-party apps that function seamlessly due to 2 gigabytes of RAM it comes with. Like its predecessor the 1215N comes with it’s own NVIDIA ION GPU. It allows users to playback 1080p HD content using a high-definition multimedia interface, without any issues. It is able to do a great job playing a few games that are 3D.

While you’ll have to reduce the quality of some games to obtain the lowest configuration, the overall performance is superior to that of the vast majority integrated gaming systems. There’s plenty of power that isn’t connected to integrated graphics and laptop computers that are portable. This means that there is the use of a socket that isn’t connected to.

There is a chance that Apple GMA 3150 may be the default GPU which is a great indication that the 1215N is a good GPU. If a game which is demanding is released, you can use it is possible to switch to NVIDIA ION. NVIDIA ION. Also, the most common use of the 1215N that takes about five hours.

More pixels could result from the combination of 12. 1 ” screen. With 1366×768 pixels most programs will run well . There should be plenty of space for your work area.

With an astounding 96 percent of its full-size Important Thing Board lets typers make tiny changes in their writing. It comes with two standard. USB ports and an additional three. port that can be used to connect external hard disk drive. This is an amazing improvement in speed.


The Asus EEE PC1215N notebook is slightly heavier than other netbook models. The slimmer dimensions of the laptop allow it to be lighter while traveling, and it weighs just 3 . 5 pounds. The touchpad is also able to gain enhancements in terms of user-friendliness. The loud clicking and the resistance are a possibility to be addressed using the buttons. It is possible using an electronic mouse to address this.


Without lowering efficiency for the important applications, as well as the periodic Warcraft, the Asus EEE PC 1215N notebook compares very positively to others, that though they are able to run for eight to ten hrs without requiring charging, are usually less application-friendly.

The 1215N is more effective than tablets and it costs lower than $500.