Virgin Media Doubling Broadband speed What’s the verdict?

There won’t be any Virgin media complaints over this announcement! If you’re an Virgin customer, you’ll be thrilled with the recent announcement of their doubled broadband speeds. However, the concept alone doesn’t count for anything is it? When, where, and what is the cost obviously- are essential concerns.

Do I need to contact Virgin Media to move over my account?

The idea was to migrate clients who are already customers. In line with Computer Repairs Wavell Heights that the idea they could double broadband speeds of its existing customers, bringing the customers to high-speed 120Mb connections. It’s evident that this did not be the case for all customers, however, because the speeds for the 20MB connections were tripled instead of increased by a factor of two. It is possible that connections of ten and thirty megabytes were tripled. The 50Mb connection was increased all the way up to 120Mb , as promised- an enormous increase of 140 percent. However the connections for 100Mb were upgraded to 120MBs. If you’re already a customer with a 100Mb connection and you’re only getting a 20% increase might seem like you’re being taken advantage of, especially considering the increased price for 50Mb customers. Try Computer Repairs Wellington Point provide onsite service to effectively troubleshoot your home network and provide the perfect solution to your home network problems.

Are they deceiving 100Mb customers?

Before you contact Virgin Media complaints, you’ll be pleased to know that you’ve been offered a reduction in price to align you with the new upgrade to the previous 50Mb bundle which means you won’t be slacking completely. The goal was to make the Virgin bundles to the forefront as the most reliable and widely accessible connections available in the nation. This is more impressive than you think. Imagine being able to pull down a complete music album in five seconds?

Compare this to the typical rate of 8Mb in the US, which means that a similar download could take about a minute, while films can take up to twenty times the five that the speed of the new technology promises. Of course, when dial-up was the norm and dial-up, one track from the album could take many hours!

What is the cost?

The positive aspect is that despite the massive sum advertised as being needed to complete the infrastructure upgrade required to get these speeds, if already a Virgin Media customer you needn’t be concerned about price increasesThe speed will increase without any plans being changed. Be aware that if you’re in a 100MB plan you’ll be getting an increase in price. According to Virgin Media customer service, all packages include unlimited data in the event that you do not violate the terms of your contract to the provider. Upload speed, traffic management, etc. All were upgraded to keep up with the expected growth in traffic management, too.

Upgrades are currently underway as of late, with the majority of Virgin Media customers receiving their upgrades as early as the beginning of 2014. Customers were not upgraded due to any issues to the region, but rather through free phone exchanges that are in a position to be upgraded. If you’re considering making the switch, old routers and other equipment might require an upgrade. Customers that are currently customers were offered an appropriate modem as part of their agreement.

If broadband speeds doubled over the national average seem like a good idea to you, make sure to dial your Virgin Media telephone number to change your plan and begin moving forward now.