Vulnerabilities in WordPress. Examining templates

The blog is being protected. Plus Seo news.

A bit incapacitated from an illness, blog posts were scarce. And in the time that I was there, it was a time of many interesting events.

Regular readers and subscribers are aware that the style on the site has been changed.

What’s it? Are I bored of this style?

Actually, it’s not but the fact that the new host provider who has been vocal about the suspect encoder in the old WordPress theme.

Codes for vulnerability

Code that looks like this:

$ _F = __ FILE __; $ _ X = ‘Pz48P3BocA0K…… ZjNuY3Q0Mm4gcHIydDV…’; eval (base64_decode (‘nLCInIi4kX0YuIiciLCRfWCk…… 7ZXZhbCgkX1IpOyRfUj0wOyRfWD0wOw ==’)); is identified by their installed antivirus as PHP shell-51 .

Unfortunately, it wasn’t feasible to discover what the fruit of this shell-51 has in the net however PHP shell scripts generally are just scripts that execute commands remotely via browsers, which is, in turn, implies that in the event that there are shells available on the website it is possible to gain access ( read or write) to the server by individuals who are not authorized.

As I look ahead, I’ll immediately say that it was difficult to discern that shells existed on the blog because base64 was encoded. most likely, it was only links to developer websites that were previously in the template blog and the visual output of which I had previously disabled and removed to indexing by search engines.

If you happen to stumble across a line beginning with:

$ F = __ FILE $ _X is in the PHP templates (usually in your functions.php file, and less often in the header, footer, or the sidebar templates) on your website, you’ll be able to look it up on this page.

Through this online application you can examine your PHP program for undesirable constructs like eval and base64_decode, and eval.

The service also offers the possibility of closing the functions of these files. Make sure to save the original scan file so that should anything happen to it, you can upload it on the service.

In addition, this service is a good option to select templates for your future websites or sites that are checked and calmed down (or not) and installed (or seeking further).

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Let’s return to the hosting service provider and hackers.

I fully know the legal reasons and the resentment of the thought that a person who isn’t registered can get into the servers. In addition, decoding and viewing every “left” encoded character is an extremely expensive job so it was necessary to take down the template I had posted previously posted on the blog. Editing it turned out to be a prohibitively expensive task because of the heavily multi-layered structure of CSS and PHP scripts.

In other words, I’d like to warn anyone disoriented by the selection of a template to use for the CMS website: If you like the design take a look at the number of style sheets it employs If there are more than 2x-3x CSS files, you should be aware that editing the layout of the site is a lot more difficult than editing the template that uses 1-2 CSS. Furthermore, it’s simpler to create these templates to hide malicious scripts as well as other “left” encryptions.

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Oddly enough the blog did not be affected by the actions of hackers. Another blog called was hacked, a clever person phished or simply got the password for the website and inserted the code of a fascinating script. The script inserts links as dots in the posts’ text:

If you look at the lack of information available on the Internet or elsewhere, there is a new “malware”. It’s also fascinating because the links may appear and then disappear. The most interesting aspect of this case is that it hasn’t been promoted , and with no puzomerki. This is because the blog is a do-follow blog. In this regard I have a question for folks who are from the northwestern district from Moscow: “What better links within the main points of the posts’ body than those from thematic text within the comment section?”