Why You Should Build Your Own PC

The hard drive on the PC is the only electro-mechanical device. This means it has moving parts and functions as a high-speed record player with a moving arm. Over time with lots of use these drives slow down and may even fail completely, which can cause a complete loss of data. Also if your PC is more than 2 years old you probably have a 5400 RPM hard drive (or slower). New hard drives are now 7200 RPM which means they are much faster, according to Laptop Repairs Graceville website.

How do I know if I am getting the right drive?

Either FedEx or your local FreshStart service provider will know how to help you identify your current Windows operating system version. With that information and knowing whether you have a desktop or laptop PC, they can order the right drive for your FreshStart.

Do I have to get a new operating system like Windows 8? No. When we ship your new drive it already has a clean new copy of your current operating system on it. This way you do not need to pay for or learn a new Operating System.

What happens to my old drive?

Your old drive is returned to you. This is for your security and data privacy. This also gives you the opportunity to use this drive as a back-up drive which you can safely attach externally if you purchase a SATA to USB cable or case. At a minimum, you should keep this drive locked away in a safe place. If you chose to use the FedEx service, your old drive is sent back to you in a case with a USB connector, making it easier to use as a backup drive. What programs will be re-installed on my new hard drive?

Besides your current Microsoft Operating System, FreshStart supports the automatic installation of new clean copies of the following software:

All Microsoft Office Products (with valid license key found by our program) Adobe Reader (on every PC) Adobe Player (on every PC) Mozilla Firefox (if you had this previously) Google Chrome(if you had this previously) MS Internet Explorer (on every PC) iTunes / Quicktime(if you had this previously) Skype(if you had this previously) VLC Player (on every PC) Microsoft Security Essentials Anti-Virus (on every PC)

Programs like TurboTax, Games, etc. will need to be reloaded but do not worry, all your program data files will be right where you left them.

Will my home or office printer still work?

Absolutely, but you will have to download new drivers for your printers. Print drivers are notorious malware targets, so from a security standpoint transferring them is not a good idea. Also, most printers need to be directly attached in order to activate the software. Downloading new printer drivers is easy. Just do an internet search under “Your Printer Make and Model, driver downloads” example: “HP Photosmart C6280 driver downloads”, and follow the instructions. What about my passwords and connecting to my home or office internet?