Why You Should Upgrade Your Antivirus Software

You believe you are protected once you download antivirus software on your device? Yes that true
but to feel completely secured, you need to keep updating your antivirus constantly.
Usually, your antivirus software comes up with a little pop up instructing or reminding you to update
it. If you fail to update your antivirus, then you will not only lose your protection on the internet
while surfing but your system could be at the risk of being infected with a new kind of virus alien to
your computer. So you really need to update your antivirus to battle viruses and defeat threats.

New Threats Emerge Everyday

Cyber-criminals always seek loopholes and vulnerabilities to create new and harmful viruses. You
become prone to attack if your antivirus is not updated against current attacks. Remember that the
release of a new virus puts an end to the efficacy of your current antivirus. So it is relevant to keep
yourself updated.

Protection of Valuable Document

Viruses can hack into your system to corrupt and even delete your files. There are even some that
can go behind you and lock up your files. So to be safe from such a condition, it’s better your
antivirus is updated.

A Hacker can Turn off your Data

Be careful, a hacker may hack into your antivirus software and disable the “real time’ feature that
monitors time and downloads updates automatically. Sometimes, this happens when someone is
trying to mess up with the security of your system or accidentally at times. Always put your antivirus
in the automatic update mode to be safe from harmful viruses.

Your Friends can get Infected

Viruses can affect the hard drive of your system and they can also transfer to your emails through or
other means. So because you didn’t update you antivirus any computer yours interact it always gets
viruses in return. How many people can you explain this to that their files got corrupted because of
your refusal to update.

Virus protection is a continual activity. You need to keep your PC protected against malware,
malware , etc.

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